The website «PETRICHOR.COM.GR», (hereinafter «The website»), is the website that hosts the Online Store under the brand name «PETRICHOR», which exhibits, promotes and sells over the Internet a range of products, such as clothing, furniture, home decor, kitchen accessories, lamps, paintings and other related items (hereinafter referred to as "Products"). PETRICHOR and the website are owned by the company under the name «PETRICHOR Ο.Ε.», trade name «PETRICHOR», which has its head offices in Patras, St. Andrew Street number 9, Greece, (Tax Reg. Numb. 801650660/ A’ Patras Tax Office, number 160836916000 on the General Commercial Registry, tel. +30 210 220 8434, email [email protected]) (hereinafter «the Online Store», or «The Company», or «We», or «Us»,), and is their lawful administrator.

These General Terms include, as an integral part and as a whole, the Term of Use of the Website and the Cookie Policy (hereinafter referred to us «Terms of Use» or «General Terms» or “Terms and Conditions» or «Terms» or

«Agreement»), and define the terms and conditions under which you, in any of your capacity, namely that of a visitor, a user of the services, a consumer – buyer, a Member (hereinafter «the User», «The Consumer», «The Buyer», «The Member», «You»), browse our website, use its content and services (e.g. Member Registration, Newsletters), or/and trade in our Online Store making purchases, and govern the sales contract you enter with our company for the purchase of products from our Online Store.

Before entering the Website and making use of its services or proceeding to purchases in our Online Store, we urge you to consult the Terms of Use and make sure you are in agreement with them. In case you have any disagreements with any of the present Terms you should not proceed to any act or use any of the Website services, including simple navigation through our Online Store. In case you wish for a clarification or information concerning the Terms, or you have a disagreement, reservation or a relevant question, you may contact the

Company through one of the means provided in the relevant section of the Website «CONTACT», before proceeding to any actions in our website. However, any information/clarification might be given to you in accordance with the above through our Customers Services Department regarding the Terms and Conditions, does not constitute a replacement, substitution or amendment of the Terms and Conditions, since they are provided exclusively for your assistance, while the Terms of Use constitute our only and exclusive agreement.

In case you disagree with any of the Terms or with all of them, you must not make any use of our services nor proceed to the purchase of products. However, by any action you take in our Online Store, such as your browsing it, or your registration or the purchase of our products, you ensure that you have read, understood and unreservedly accepted the Terms and Conditions.


Aiming to protect the rights of the visitors of the present website, the Company states that it makes every effort to ensure that the entire content of the website and the information contained therein are governed by clarity, accuracy and completeness, both in terms of the Company’s identity and the products provided. However, the Company is not responsible for any damage caused to the user of the website due to its use or information contained therein, including the case of negligence.

Information and other data contained in the website and through it are available to users, provided they do not concern the Company itself, are gathered by the Company from publicly accessible sources and are provided to users of the website solely for informational purposes. The Company does not evaluate, assess, adopt or accept or approve this information, and its provision through the website can in no case be interpreted as providing advice or recommendation, offer, proposal or acceptance of a proposal for the

preparation of a contract or transaction with the Company or with third parties. It is exclusively the user’s responsibility to use, evaluate, assess and utilize the provided information. Making any decision based on this information is solely the user’s responsibility and the Company has no obligation to cover or repair damages, deriving from the use of information provided through the website.


Should the Company decide to create a Newsletter service, your participation in it will be a result of your free choice and not a condition or an obligation to make a purchase from our Online Store. The user that chooses the use of the relevant service, will be able to receive our newsletter and other promotional material on the electronic address (e-mail) provided to us, during the creation of an account or the purchase process. The subscription to this service is completed by inserting the user’s e-mail address at the corresponding field on the website. Upon completion of your registration to the service, you give your explicit consent to send you informative and promotional material for the products and services of our Online Store, as well as related advertising messages.


The Company reserves the right to advertise on various webpages of its choice on the Internet and use affiliates or third - party advertising companies, as appropriate.

It also reserves the right to present third parties ads through its website. In this context, the users will be able, through our website, to be transferred via special links (links, hyperlinks, banners) to third party webpages, the content of which is formed exclusively by these persons, without any involvement or responsibility of our Company. The Company does not guarantee their availability and does not endorse nor bear any responsibility for their content,

the correctness, legality, completeness, actuality and accuracy of the information nor for the quality and the properties of the products or services, that are provided by these third – parties through their websites. The Company is also not responsible for errors or malfunction of third – party webpages, as well as for any damages suffered by the users as a result of their accessing and using the information, services and products provided through these pages. For details on the management of these pages by these administrators, the user must check the Privacy Policy and the Personal Data Protection Policy, the terms and conditions of use of these webpages and contact them for any information or for exercising his rights.


The Company may maintain accounts on social media (e.g. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube), which Users can follow to learn news, comment and participate in special promotions. Any products or services offered through our Social Media Accounts and all the information disclosed, shall be subject to the present General Terms, unless otherwise agreed. Moreover, any interaction of Users with the Social Media may allow access and connection to your personal accounts on those Media. The Company clarifies that we have no access to these accounts, we do not control the relevant services and therefore we are not accountable for the actions and/or omissions of the Social Networks’ Service Providers. Accordingly, we suggest you read carefully the Terms of these Social Networks.


The content of the website (programs, information material of any kind, data, software, graphics, trademarks, trade names, logos, etc.) is the property of the Company or its respective beneficiary, protected by the Greek and EU legislation. Any modification, publication, transmission, transfer,

reproduction, distribution, presentation, link, upload or by any other means exploitation in full or in part of the website’s content in any way or by any means, for commercial or other purposes, is prohibited without the Company’s or the respective beneficiary’s prior written permission.


The Company makes every possible effort to ensure that the website operates smoothly, free from any errors, viruses etc. However, given that Internet is not a safe environment, the Company does not guarantee the above to the users and is not responsible for any damages the users or any third parties may suffer while browsing our website, (e.g. loss of data), due to either use/copy/ download or alteration or virus infection or other non-permitted third party intervention on files and information available through the website.

The user is solely responsible for the protections of his system against viruses. Messages to the Company via e-mail may not be safe. Therefore, the Company recommends that you do not send any confidential information through e-mail. In case you choose to do so, you accept the danger that this confidential information may be stolen, misused or be altered by third parties.

This website is usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the Company reserves the right to make this website unavailable at times for any reason or without a reason, without being liable to the users for possible damages suffered as an event of any interruption, suspension or termination of the website’s operation. The Company reserves the right to terminate at any time and for any reason the access and use of this website or part of it or to eliminate any content, feature or service, without the obligation to notify users in advance.


The users of the website must comply with the legislative provisions of the Greek, European and International Law and the relevant telecommunications’ legislation and abstain from any unlawful and abusive behavior during its use and with regard to it, along with the adoption of unfair competition practices and other illegal practices. The user of the website is responsible for any damage caused to the Company's website, due to the misuse or improper use of the website and the services offered through it. In the event that the Company is involved in any legal dispute or is called upon to pay any kind of compensation due to the breach of the user's obligations under these terms, the user will have to compensate the Company for this reason.

If access to specific information, either now or in the future, requires the use of a security code (password), each user is solely responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of his passwords and bears the sole risk of damage to himself or the Company by third party access to his passwords in any way.

Among other things and quite indicatively, the users of the website agree not to:

  • Restrict or block the access of the website and the use of it or any part of it to other users, through cyber attacks, (cyber attacks, DoS attacks, flooding, etc.) or other similar actions.
  • Interfere in any way with the software or functionality of the Website, including, but not limited to, the transmission or posting of any software or other material on the Website containing all kinds of viruses, time bombs, Trojans, worms, or malware of any kind, or computer programming functions that could damage, interrupt, interrupt, or compromise any system, data, or information.
  • Use the website for illegal or unauthorized by the Company purposes.
  • Violate the intellectual rights of the Company’s or of third parties
  • Transmit illegal content or information
  • Violate the commercial privacy of third parties.
  • Make any kind of advertising or commercial communication or posting without the explicit consent of the Company
  • Participate in spamming.
  • Carry out any act of alteration or change or exploitation (commercial or not) of this website or any part of it or its content, including the reproduction of the website or its content without the unequivocal consent of the Company.
  • Use any applications (such as robots, spiders, etc., or any other manual or automated device or process) to retrieve, find, extract data ("data mine") or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigation structure or presentation of this site or its content.
  • Obtain or collect information about the visitors of this website.
  • Create a database by systematically downloading and storing any information from this website.


The Company reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use and the content of the website at any time, without prior notice to users only with the announcement of the modification through the website, and users must always check for possible changes and if they continue to use of the website, their acceptance is presumed with the modifications made.


If the user wishes to proceed with the purchase of any product or service provided by the Company and described on the website, the Company (or any third party that may be the provider of the product or service) will be asked to provide personal data related to the purchase or provision of the service.

Indicatively, the user may be asked to provide, among other things, his personal data (name, surname, year of birth, etc.), bank account or credit or debit card details, identity details, Tax Registration Number, address details,

as well as any other information. which is considered necessary for the identification of the person and the further possibility of concluding the desired contractual relationship. In this case, the Company's Personal Data Protection Policy will take effect, which is located on the website with a relevant link and the content of which the user can and should be aware of. If the service or product is provided by a third party, partner or not of the Company, the relevant Privacy Policy will be provided by the third party, who will have the role of controller. In this case the Company is not responsible for the collection or processing of information provided by the user, nor is it responsible for the policies and practices of these providers or any third parties regarding the protection of personal data.

The user accepts that all the data that he will provide to the Company for the purpose of making purchases or the provision of services will be accurate, complete and will correspond to the personal data valid at the time of data provision. It also agrees to pay all charges incurred either by him or by persons authorized by him for the use of his account and credit or debit card or other payment instrument, at the price or prices applicable at the time the relevant charges were imposed.

The user will also be obliged to pay all taxes, fees, etc. related to the purchases, as well as shipping costs, in addition to the cases where free shipping of products to him is provided. For this reason, we recommend that before each purchase you carefully read the current terms of purchase, which are posted on our website.

The Company reserves the right, without prior notice, to change any descriptions or images or references to any product or service on this website or to limit the quantity ordered for each product or service or/and to refuse the service. We note that the descriptions or images or references to products or services of third parties do not necessarily imply the approval of the Company

for these products or services nor do they create an obligation to compensate the user from the purchase of such product or service for any reason.

Verification of the submitted data may be required before accepting any purchase or order. Unless otherwise required by law, the price, value and availability of the products or services may be subject to change without notice. The user acknowledges and accepts in advance the additional terms and conditions relating to purchases and the provision of services by the Company, its subsidiaries, licensees or associates.


A. Cookies definition

"Cookies" are small pieces of text files, which are stored in the user's browser when he visits a website. The information stored on the User's computer may contain information such as which pages the User has visited, the date and time of the visit as well as a random and unique User ID number. In no case do cookies contain personal information or information, which will allow anyone to communicate with the visitor of the website, by phone, e-mail, etc. In addition, using cookies does not access your computer documents or files. Cookies in no case cause damage to users' computers, nor to the files stored on them. The information stored in cookies is used for identification and optimization purposes.

With this use, the website is able to store useful information for the User's browsing on it, as well as to read this information in order to offer the User a unified browsing experience.

In addition, cookies help us see the performance and traffic of our website, improving its presentation and content, according to the preferences of our visitors.

Β. Why we use cookies

We use cookies to improve the operation of our website, your proper browsing of individual pages and your easy connection. At the same time, cookies allow us to present you with advertising and educational content, related to your interests and needs.

Cookies also help us to analyze how visitors use our website, how they browse and where they have difficulty. This way, we can constantly optimize the operation of the e-shop and deal with any problems that may arise.

All information collected from these cookies is used only to improve your shopping experience, the structure and content of our website.

Which cookies we use on our Website

Necessary Cookies

The necessary, otherwise, indispensable cookies, are essential for the proper functioning of our Website, allow you to browse and use their functions, such as access to safe areas or use the shopping cart. These cookies do not recognize your personal identity. Without these cookies, we can not offer effective operation of our Website.

Functionality Cookies (Preference cookies)

These cookies "memorize" your preferences when you browse our online store, so we can suggest the right solutions based on your needs. These cookies allow the Website to remember the user's choices such as username, language or region, in order to provide improved and personalized functions. They can also be used to provide user-requested services, such as video viewing or social media use. The information collected by these cookies may be anonymous and it is not possible to track browsing activity on other websites. If you do not accept these cookies, the performance and functionality of the Website may be affected and your access to its content may be restricted.

Performance Cookies (analytics cookies)

Performance cookies or analytics cookies are a subset of functionality cookies and enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of the various functions of our online store, in order to continuously improve the experience we offer you. These cookies collect information about how visitors use our Website, for example, which pages they visit most often and whether they receive error messages from websites. These cookies collect aggregate, anonymous information that does not identify a visitor. They are used exclusively to improve the performance of a website.

Promotional Cookies

Promotion cookies are used to display ads related to you and your interests. They are also used to send targeted advertising to limit bulk, junk and pointless advertising messages.


The company's website is accessible worldwide, however the conclusion of a contract is at the discretion of the Company, which may impose restrictions or special conditions, depending on the origin of the user, and even refuse to provide service to him.

Users who wish to access the company's website from non-EU sites do so on their own initiative and at their own risk and are responsible for complying with national laws, as long and to the extent that national laws apply.


This Agreement is governed by Greek Law and is interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Greece. For any dispute arising from the access or use of the Company's website, it is defined and agreed that the Courts of the city of Patras are locally competent.

This Agreement has been drafted in Greek and translated into English. For any difference that arises in the interpretation between Greek and English text, the Greek will prevail.


All the above terms, together with the other Policies of the Company, constitute the Agreement between the Company and the user regarding the object of the present. Any previous or up-to-date written or oral Agreements between the Company and the user become void with the exception of contracts between the parties that have already been fully executed. In the event of any discrepancy, contradiction or conflict between the information published on this website, this Agreement or any contract the user enters into with the Company, the terms of the contract prevail over this Agreement and the information published on the website, while the terms of this agreement will only prevail over the information posted on the Website.

The titles of the chapters of this agreement are for reference only and do not override the substantive content of each sub-chapter.

The non-exercise of the rights described in this Agreement by the Company does not constitute a waiver of any provision or right nor can it be construed as such.

If any provision of this Agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable, such designation shall not affect the Agreement as a whole or the other individual provisions of this Agreement which remain in full force and effect.

This agreement may not be assigned, transferred to third parties or further licensed by the user, unless the Company agrees in writing in advance for this purpose only.


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