Thewebsite«PETRICHOR.COM.GR», (hereinafter «Thewebsite»), is the website that hoststheOnline Store under the brand name «PETRICHOR», which exhibits, promotes and sells over the Internet a range of products,such as clothing, furniture, home decor, kitchenaccessories, lamps, paintings and other related items (hereinafter referred to as "Products").

PETRICHOR and the website are owned by the company under the name «PETRICHOR Ο.Ε.», trade name «PETRICHOR», which has its head offices in Patras, St. Andrew Street number 9, Greece, (Tax Reg. Numb. 801650660/ A’ Patras Tax Office, number 160836916000 on the General Commercial Registry, tel. +30 210 220 8434 Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 14:00, email [email protected]) (hereinafter «the Online Store», or «The Company», or «We», or «Us»,), and is their lawful administrator.

These General Terms define the terms and conditions under which you, in any of your capacity, namely that of a visitor, a user of the services, a consumer – buyer, a Member, (hereinafter «the User», «The Consumer», «The Buyer», «The Member», «You», «He»), browse our website, use its content and services and trade in our Online Store making purchases, and govern the sales contract you enter with our company for the purchase of products from our Online Store.

Before entering the Website and making use of its services or proceeding to purchases in our Online Store, we urge you to consult the present Terms of Purchases and Returns, along with the Terms of Use, that are available on our webpage and make sure you are in agreement with them. In case you have any disagreements with any of the present Terms you should not proceed to any act, or use any of the Website services, including browsing our Online Store. 

In case you wish for a clarification or information concerning the Terms, or you have a disagreement, reservation or a relevant question, you may contact the Company through one of the means provided in the relevant section of the Website «CONTACT», before proceeding to any actions in our website. However, any information/clarification might be given to you in accordance with the above through our Customers Services Department regarding the Terms, does not constitute a replacement, substitution or amendment of these Terms, since they are provided exclusively for your assistance, while the General Terms of Purchases and Returns, the Terms of Use of the Website and the Company policies, as presented in this website, constitute our only and exclusive agreement.

In case you disagree with any of the Terms or with all of them, you must not make any use of our services nor proceed to the purchase of products. However, by any action you take in our Online Store, such as your browsing it, or your registration or the purchase of our products, you ensure that you have read, understood and unreservedly accepted thepresent Terms.


Remote ordering is done only through our Online Store or/and by phone. The Company does not receive or process orders placed via e-mail, or through its Social Media pages.

In addition, any relevant reference to a desired product, either in a return form or in a withdrawal statement, is not considered an order.

The General Terms contained herein refer to the terms and conditions under which sales - purchases are made both through our Online Store and by telephone (hereinafter "General Terms of Purchase and Returns").

Seller of the products is the Company "PETRICHOR OE"


The Company through the Website will exhibit, promote and sell to consumers products of our Company, such as clothing, furniture, home decor, lighting, kitchen accessories, paintings and other related items.

The Company declares that it makes every effort so that the information that accompanies the Products displayed on our website is complete, true, valid and up-to-date, and that their photos are a real, realistic and accurate representation of our Products. However, the above warranties are subject to technical or typographical deficiencies or errors, which can not be predicted or have occurred unintentionally or due to interruptions of this Website or due to incorrect information from our suppliers or due to force majeure.

Regarding the availability of the Products, the Company declares that it has taken all the necessary technical and other means in order to be immediately informed of the availability of our Products, however it maintains an explicit reservation regarding the validity of the products available in the Online Store, as the information may be updatedwith a relative delay from the moment of their modification.

For any errors in the prices of the Products, the provisions of the relevant section on "Prices" below apply.

The Company chooses at its sole judgment and discretion the Products that will be available for sale, and may from time to time withdraw or renew them freely and without obligation of your warning, consent or information. The same applies to any offers, discounts and any pricing policies it follows from time to time, as this definition is at our sole discretion.

All products are available only for the personal use of the buyer, excluding any kind of commercial exploitation.



Before proceeding with the order, you should check whether the country or region to which the products you want to buy will be shipped, is currently served by our Company.

The Company executes orders in all parts of the world, which are served by the network of the ACS Courier Company for Greeceand Cyprus and the DHL or UPS companies abroad, with which we cooperate for the sending of your orders. For more information on shipping countries, visit the DHL and UPS websites.

If the country or region you are interested in is not served, you can contact us at +30 210 220 8434, Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 14:00 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

2. Submitting an order - Completion of a sales contract

Use the menu of the website, in order to navigate in our Online Store and find the products that interest you. After selecting the Products you wish to buy, go to the shopping cart via the relevant icon entitled "SHOPPING CART", which is located at the top right of our website. This way you will be able to see the products you have selected, while, using the relevant remove / delete button, you will be able to remove Products from your cart before completing the order.

In order to complete and process the order, you will be required to provide us with some information, personal and financial, regarding the payment and shipping of the Products, etc. This information is: name, surname, e-mail address, (email), number of landline or mobile telephony, full postal details (street, number, city, postal code, country), as well as your card (credit or debit) or your bank accountdetails in case you choose to pay with these payment methods. In case of issuance of an invoice, you must also provide the Tax Registration Number, the competent tax office and the complete details of your business headquarters.

The information you provide to us is personal data. Regarding the collection and processing of this personal data, the terms and conditions of the Company's Personal Data Protection Policy apply, which we invite you to read before navigating our website and before completing the order. By completing the order and selecting the relevant field regarding the Company’s Terms and Policies, you declare that you have read, understood and fully and unconditionally accept them.

All your personal information, which is collected through the special electronic form is absolutely necessary for the conduct of the above transactions and your registration indicates your full consent. In case of change of data, you must inform us immediately about your new data, so that it is always up to date, complete and true. By registering in accordance with the above, you give your explicit consent to the collection and processing of your data based on the General Terms of Purchases and Returns and the Company's Personal Data Protection Policy.

(For more information about your data and our use of it, visit our Personal Data Protection Policy on our website).

Once you have placed the final Products in your "SHOPPING CART", you have one more step left to complete the submission of your order, the "click" on the "ORDER COMPLETION" button.

Your orders can be placed at all hours of the day and on a daily basis without exceptions.

By filling in your details according to the above and pressing the "ORDER COMPLETION" button, you will see the whole of your order with its full details, including payment and shipping information. If you agree, you still have one step left to place your order: clicking on the field accepting these Terms of Purchases and Returns and the Personal Data Protection Policy. Once the acceptance of the terms and Policies of our Company is made, you click on the button "COMPLETION OF ORDER", at which point your order is completed and submitted to our Company.

You have the obligation to state your complete and true information when submitting your order. Upon completion of the submission of your order, you declare that you are a legal / authorized user of the credit or debit card that you declare to us and that there is a sufficient balance available to cover the value of the Products you purchase. Our Company may (without obligation) check the payment information you provide to us when choosing credit card payment or third party Online payment providers in order to secure our financial transactions.In the event that any deviation, error or any other problem, existing or possible, is determined, we may at our sole discretion reject your order.

Once you place your order, you then connect with the payment provider we work with, depending on the payment method you choose. You can pay in one of the ways listed below in the relevant Section.

Once the payment of the price of your order is successfully completed, the system will automatically send you a message to the email account that you have stated to us at the stage of submitting your order, which will notify you that we have received it, will list the Products that you have ordered and all the terms of the order and the number of your order.Please note that in case you have chosen cash on delivery as a payment method, the order confirmation according to the above will be sent to you upon submission of your order, and the Products will be delivered to you only after the full payment of the Products.

Once the order stage is completed according to the above, the Company then examines whether it (the order) can be executed as it is and there is no reason to reject it, in accordance with the provisions herein. If it is deemed that it can be processed in its entirety, the process of sending your Products to the courier company we work with or to another cooperating company is launched, at which time we send you a message to the email account you stated to us at the stage of submitting your order, which will notify you of the shipping number.With this number you can track the progress of your order until it reaches the delivery place that you have stated in your respective order.

Delivery time and cost depend on many factors, such as the place of delivery, the quantity of Products, etc. For more information regarding delivery time and shipping costs, please visit the relevant Sections below.

In the event that upon receipt of your order, there is a shortage in any of the Products you have ordered or a delay in delivery beyond the expected or temporary unavailability, but also any other issue that makes your order partially acceptable and enforceable on our behalf,(indicatively: a) delay in delivery of Product by our supplier due to a problem in its transportation, or due to force majeure, b) event of force majeure, (eg extreme weather events, strikes, war, or any other event outside the sphere our influence and control, which may affect the transport and delivery of your order), c) lack of sufficient stock))we will contact you directly at the contact details you have stated to us when submitting your order in order to agree with you any modification, correction and / or cancellation of your order. In case it is not possible to contact you within two (2) days from the date of completion and submission of your order, we will send you an email with the part of the order that the Company can execute, and the rest that it is not possible for it to be executed by us, it will be cancelled.Therefore, based on the above, the new email that we send you will be the notification of receipt of your order and it will have to be executed by our Company. In case you have paid for the part of the order that has been cancelled, our Company will refund the amount corresponding to the cancelled Products as soon as possible.

It is clarified that our sending of the confirmation of your order according to the above, although it refers to the number of vouchers that your order will receive from the transport company, does not constitute acceptance by us of your order, just confirmation - notification that we received it. The order you submit is a proposal on your behalf to our Company to buy the Products listed on it. In order for a sales contract to be concluded between us, we must respectively accept your order, as it stands.Such acceptance is made by us when we send you the message (email) confirming the shipping of your order, as it is. It is clarified that in case the shipping confirmation message of your order does not include some of the Products contained in your order, these Products are not part of the sales contract between us and in case they have been paid, we will refund the corresponding amount in as soon as possible, while you acknowledge and accept that our Company does not owe you any compensation in this case.However, the Contract is executed only if the Products are paid, ie as soon as your card is credited, or a deposit is made on our banking account or your order is paid in case of cash on delivery.

 The duration of the sales contract between us is defined from the date we send you the email confirming the execution of your order with the shipping number, until the last day that expires your right to cancel the order, withdraw or return the product, in accordance with the provisions herein and the law.

Our Company does not keep a record of your orders, therefore you must keep at your own risk the notifications that we send you regarding your orders and the transactions between us.

3. Telephone orders

You can submit your order by phone to the Company at the phones listed on our website.

The days and hours when telephone orders can be placed are Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 10.00 - 15.00 and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10.00 - 14.00 and from 18.00 - 21.00.

During your phone call you describe the Product you want to order and you tell us the payment and shipping details listed on our page and described here. For telephone orders, the only valid methods of payment are: a) cash on delivery for amounts up to 500 EURO and b) deposit / transfer of money to our bank account within three (3) working days from the submission of the order.

By submitting a telephone order you accept these General Terms of Purchase and Returns and the Policies included in them such as that of the Protection of your Personal Data.

4. Order Cancellation

Order cancellation by the User

In addition to the other cases mentioned here, you can cancel your order in the following cases:

Before placing your order, you can technically remove the quantities of Products from your cart that you do not wish to order, by pressing the "X" button which activates the removal - deletion of the respective Products.

After the notification of receipt of your order but before the confirmation of its acceptance with the notification of shipment of the products and for a period of two (2) hours, you can cancel your order by sending an email to [email protected] or by phone contact at +30 210 220 8434, on the days: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 10.00 - 15.00 and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10.00 - 14.00 and from 18.00 - 21.00.

The email is considered to have been received by us for the purposes of this agreement, the next working day from the date of sending, and we can cancel your order according to the above, only if the relevant message is received before our sending to you of the confirmation of shipment of your products.

In addition, in case the Company modifies your order in accordance with the provisions herein, you have the option to cancel your order in whole or for the part which can not be executed by us, in the same way as mentioned above, (e-mail or telephone).

For orders with delivery destination abroad, and if we have already sent the order to the specified address, in case you wish to cancel your order before receiving the products, you will be charged the return costs required for the return of products at the headquarters of our Company in Greece.

Order cancellation by the Company

In addition to the other cases mentioned herein, the Company may cancel at any stage your order and / or the Sales Contract in the following cases:

  • Due to a technical error, the Product you have ordered is not available and there was no sufficient time to update the system, and / or when it can no longer be supplied by our Company for any reason.
  • Due to a technical error, the price indicated on the Product, or its description is incorrect.
  • In our absolute judgment we consider that you are involved in unfair practices with the submission of the order, or when you do not make fair use of the Company's ordering system.
  • Non-payment.
  • Non-receipt of the Products in accordance with the terms hereof.
  • Execution of the order is contrary to laws, rules and regulations.
  • In cases of force majeure.

In case the Product of the cancelled order has been paid, the Company will refund your money without undue delay.

Cancellation upon receipt of the product

Upon receipt of the product, the order is cancelled by exercising the Right of Withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of the relevant Section below. Any refusal to receive your Products upon delivery by the Shipping Company, is equivalent to a withdrawal, a right for the exercise of which the provisions of the relevant Section on withdrawal below apply.

5. Prices

Listed price

Although the Company takes all appropriate technical and practical measures to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the prices listed in the Products of our Online Store, there is still the possibility due to a technical error that the price of one or more products included in the order are false. Upon receipt of your order and before we receive the payment, we will check the prices of the Products of the order. In case of any error in the price of a Product you have ordered, we will contact you as soon as possible and in any case before sending it.It is at your discretion to proceed with the order with the correct prices, to modify it taking into account the correct prices or to cancel it. If we are unable to contact you, we will consider the order cancelled.

The prices listed on all our Products are in Euros, including VAT (24% for most Products, 6% for books, magazines and publications, 13% for plants), and are considered final. If the buyer is a resident of a country outside the European Union, the sale price will not include VAT.

The amount of VAT referred to in these terms is indicative, as it is subject to legislative power and can therefore be adjusted from time to time. In any case, its amount will be in accordance with the legal limit and will be included in the final price of the Product.

Shipping cost depends on the delivery address and the size and weight of the order. The exact cost will be calculated automatically during the ordering process, depending on the products you have chosen, with the exception of furniture and lighting, the shipping cost of which you can find out by phone contact with the store or by email to “[email protected]”.

The Company categorizes all orders either as small parcels or as large / bulky parcels.

We draw your attention to the fact that each country may have national policies for the imposition of taxes and duties on imported products. You may therefore be charged the relevant fees, duties or taxes, as applicable under the law of your country. These amounts are not included in the final selling prices of the product or in the shipping costs and you will pay them when, where and as provided. The Company has no obligation to pay them.


Place of delivery

The Products are delivered to the address stated by the User during the order, within the Greek Territory and Abroad.

Delivery method and time

The delivery time of the Products you have ordered depends on many factors, as there may be delays for reasons out of our responsibility. See in the relevant Section below what applies in case of delay in delivery.

The Products are sent exclusively either through the courier company ACS for the Greek Territoryand Cyprus, or through the courier companies DHL and UPS for abroad.

In particular, the following applies, subject to reasons of force majeure and reasons not attributable to our fault:

If all the Products are available, we will process your order within 24 hours and the delivery is estimated to be completed within 2-3 working days, if the shipment is made in Greece, or within 5-10 working days for the other countries. If the order is placed during the weekend, the Products will be shipped the following Monday.

Our Company is not responsible for delays due to: operation of carriers or incorrect communication with the customer, negligence on the part of the customer to communicate with the carrier, delays of customs officials, strikes, extreme weather events, wars, other events of force majeure, and in general any event that escapes our sphere of influence and control.

Delivery Delay

Our Company makes every effort for the timely and proper delivery of your Products, however we maintain the reservation that the delivery of your Product (s) may be delayed in casethat, (indicatively mentioned), (a) the Product has been delayed to be sent by our supplier(eg due to a problem in its transportation or due to force majeure, etc.), with the result that we do not have it in our warehouses when we estimate, (b) there is a force majeure event, such as extreme weather events, strikes, war, or any another event outside our sphere of influence and control which may affect the transport and delivery of your order, (c) there is a lack of sufficient stock. In the above cases we will contact you to ask you if you want us to deliver your order without the Product that has been delayed or is not available, or to suggest you an alternative, or to inform you about the delivery time of the product that is not immediately available. In case you are not satisfied with our offer, you have the right to cancel the order in part or in full and we will refund you any money you have paid.

In case of delay, you can contact our Company at +30 210 220 8434 or at our email address [email protected]. in which you can declare the cancellation of your order in whole or in part.

Responsibility upon delivery

We inform you that our Company remains solely responsible for any damage or loss of your products until you (or third parties who you may have authorized) acquire the physical possession of the Products.

If at the scheduled delivery date you are not at the stated address to pick up the Products, the Shipping Company we work with will inform you of its visit and ask you to contact it, regardless of its efforts to re-deliver the order, as provided by its policy. In case the shipment is not completed, then your order is automatically returned to us and is registered as Refusal. In this case, it is expressly agreed, with the exception of the general rule of liability that concerns us, that you will be responsible for the loss or damage of the Products upon return, and the Products are transported and stored in accordance with the terms of transport company and at your own risk and expense.

We note that the Company reserves the right to maintain a special list of customers who have placed orders and have not received their Products, (have refused or are not at the receiving address at the agreed time) or who have made high value purchases (over 300 Euros) and have refused the receipt even once. Orders from customers listed on this list, in which cash on delivery has been selected as the means of payment, even if they have been successfully completed, are cancelled. If these customers choose one of the other payment methods then their order will be shipped normally.

Shipping charges

For orders worth more than 60 EURO, delivery within Greece is FREE, except in cases of large furniture, as well as some lighting products, which are more vulnerable. Smaller products are shipped as regular parcels.

The shipping cost for Greece is about 3.50 EUROS for each package (small products up to 2 kg). Bulky items are shipped as large parcels. The exact cost of shipping them will be seen during the purchase process, but is estimated at around 6 EUROS. Some larger furniture and lighting fixtures require special delivery or possibly direct collection from our Store. For these cases, after the completion of the order, please consult with us, calling us at (+30) 210 220 8434 or sending an email to [email protected]. We always aim to offer the best and most economical service and you can always arrange the collection from our Store for free anytime you please. During period of sales there is no free shipping.

For deliveries abroad, the cost varies depending on the country and the specific region. For the best service and information, we recommend that before you proceed to a purchase you send us an email with the products you wish to buy and we will inform you of the cost of sending them to the address you wish.


The Company has the following repayment methods. When purchasing, the User is invited to choose one of the offered methods, as there is no possibility of a combined payment method for the same order.

Cash on Delivery Method

Payment upon receipt of the order. When the employee of the courier company comes to your place to deliver your products to you, you pay in cash the value of your order.

This method is valid only for Greece and only for orders up to 500 EUROS, as according to the current tax provisions for the payment of an amount greater than 500 Euros, payment in cash is not allowed.

Payment by this method is charged in the amount of 4.00 EUROS per order.

Payment by credit-debit card or paypal

You can use Visa and MasterCard credit cards for your transactions. Your transactions in our online store are protected by top online security systems (RSA Encryption). For the purpose of payment, fill in all the necessary fields (card number, expiration date, CCV) in the environment of the respective bank. The Company processes your card details exclusively for the completion of the transaction between us, ie the repayment of the Products you have purchased from our online store.Your card number is not stored, so for every purchase in our store that you wish to pay by debit/credit card, you will need to re-declare your card details. The processing of your personal data is governed by the Company’s Personal Data Protection Policy and the Cookies Policy.

For payments via paypal, the payment process of the paypalplatform applies.

These payment methods do not apply to telephone orders.

Payment to a bank account

Payment for the purchase of products can be made by depositing the amount owed in a bank account, kept by the company in cooperating credit institutions. Payment must be completed within 3 working days of receiving the order and only then will the products be shipped to your address.

For purchases made by telephone, payment through a bank account is the only available payment method.

At present our company cooperates with the credit institution under the name "National Bank of Greece SA". and the account number we keep in it is the following:


Beneficiary: PETRICHOR O.E


Conditions for exercising the right

You have a period of fourteen (14) calendar days to withdraw from the purchase you may have made through our online store, without stating the reasons or providing us with any explanation regarding your desire to return the product (s).

The above period of fourteen (14) calendar days for the exercise of the right of withdrawal is set from the next day that you or any person you indicate to us as responsible for the receipt of your products (other than the carrier), obtain the physical possession of products. In case of multiple goods ordered in one order that are delivered separately, the deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal according to the above starts from the next day that you or any person you nominate us as responsible for receiving the products you (other than the carrier) acquire the physical possession of the last good. In any case, if the expiration of the deadline coincides with a weekend or a public holiday, it is extended until the next working day.

Procedures for exercising the right

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal of the above paragraph, you must inform us before the expiration of the deadline for exercising in accordance with the above, of your decision to withdraw from the Purchase Agreement that we have concluded, with a clear statement (eg letter) which you will send in one of the following ways:

by registered letter to the postal address of the store: "PETRICHOR OE", PATREOS 39, PATRAS, GREECE,
by telephone with the Customer Service department of the Company at +30 210 220 8434
by e-mail to [email protected],
by filling in the "RETURN FORM" which is attached to the consignment note upon receipt of the product and giving the form to our courier partner at the same time when he visits you to deliver the product.
For your convenience, you can also use the FORM OF STATEMENT OF WITHDRAWAL attached to these Terms, which you can print and send / attach according to the above. The use of the attached Form is not mandatory.

Obligations of the consumer upon withdrawal

In order to comply with the withdrawal period, you must send us your statement of exercise of your right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period expires in accordance with the provisions hereof. You expressly agree that your notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal shall be deemed to have reached us on the next business day following the sending of the request for withdrawal to us in accordance with the provisions hereof.

In case of exercising the right of withdrawal in accordance with the above, you must return to us at the address «PETRICHOR OE», PATREOS 39, PATRA GREECE, the Product from the purchase of which you withdraw immediately, without undue delay and in any case within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day on which we received the announcement of your decision to withdraw from the contract of sale in accordance with the provisions hereof. The deadline is considered to have been met if you send back the Products before the end of the 14 calendar day period, as defined above.

By law, it is your obligation to prove to us the timely exercise of the right of withdrawal (the date that the request for withdrawal was submitted to our Company), in order for us to calculate in turn the legal deadlines arising from this agreement and the law.

The cost of returning the products from the purchase of which you withdraw rests with you and you must pay it directly to the courier company you will choose. In case our Company is obliged to pay an amount to a transport company regarding the return of the product, this will be deducted from the total amount that our Company must return to you as a result of the withdrawal in accordance with the law and the terms hereof. For returns, you must look yourself for the Courier Company and pay the corresponding fee directly to it. In case you have ordered the product from a country that uses a currency other than the Euro,you undertake to cover, in addition to the return cost, the cost in case of exchange rate difference, in case of customs clearance or import duties, etc.

Obligations of the Company

Subject to the express terms herein, if you withdraw from any of your purchases as set forth herein, we will refund all money we receive from you including any shipping costs (excluding additional costs due to your choice to use other methods of delivery than the cheaper way of delivery we offer), but deducting the return cost in case we are charged with this. The refund will be made immediately, without undue delay and in any case no later than twenty (20) days from the date the Company will receive the returned products in accordance with the above and subject to the provisions of this article. If the purchase of the product from which you withdraw was made by cash on delivery, the refund of your money will be done by crediting your bank account, (the details of which shall be given to us when you exercise the right of withdrawal), as by accepting these terms explicitly and unconditionally you declare that you consent to a different way of returning your money as a result of the withdrawal. If the payment was made by debit / credit card or Paypal, your money will be refunded to your debited account. In case the payment was made through a bank account (in case of telephone orders) the money will be credited to this account.

Return of Products due to withdrawal

We have the right to delay the return of your money until we receive back the products from the purchase of which you are withdrawing,in the same good condition in which you received them. In case of withdrawal according to the above, it is clarified that any products that you have bought with a discount due to the purchase of the product from which you withdraw, you must return them together with the basic product from whose purchase you withdraw, otherwise the withdrawal is considered as not exercised by you and therefore no obligation is generated for us.

You acknowledge and agree that you bear the responsibility of the possible reduction of the value of the products you return, which (reduction) occurs as a result of the management of these products by you, other than that which is necessary to determine the nature and properties of the products. Furthermore, it is clarified that in order to get your money back in case of withdrawal or in case you chooseto receive a credit note or make a change, the product we received as a result of your withdrawal must be in excellent condition, received without damage and complete, in its original packaging, which should also have remained in excellent condition. The Company does not receive products that are returned upon your withdrawal and have dirt, damage, abrasions, creases and generally give us the impression that they have been used beyond what is necessary to determine their suitability or products whose packaging has been damaged making it impossible to reuse it. Also, the returned product must be accompanied by all the necessary documents that you received upon receipt (receipt, return form and/or return receipt, distinctive product cards), otherwise the Company does not receive this, since in this case you agree thatthe right of withdrawal has not been exercised legally nor in accordance with the terms hereof.

When we receive the product you returned to us, and after we check it, we will send you an email to inform you about its receipt. After the check we will carry out, we will notify you with a newer message for the approval or rejection of your request for a refund of the purchase. If your refund is approved, the credit of the provided amount will be processed in the ways mentioned here.This refund policy only applies to products purchased online. If you have purchased products from our store with a physical presence we do not make refunds (except for defective items), but you will be able to change the product or get a credit note, which you will use in your future purchase.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to orders of plants, lamps, furniture or lighting items, which were ordered and made especially for you.

For our refusal to accept the right of withdrawal due to one of the reasons mentioned herein we will inform you by e-mail to the address you have stated.


Consumer rights. Procedures for exercising rights.

In case of sending the wrong or defective product, you have the right, as within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the product, to contact us on the telephone numbers of our Company or our e-mail address, and report the defect in the product or our mistake in the execution of your order and inform us of your desire to replace the product with the correct/non defective product or to refund your money.

Our Company undertakes to cover the total cost of return and re-shipment of the correct / non defective product, provided that the return of the wrong / defective product and the shipment of the new one are made through the courier companies cooperating with the Company. If for any reason you want another way of return / shipment, you will bear the additional costs arising from your own means of transport in relation to the corresponding costs of the companies cooperating with us.

You expressly acknowledge and accept that the replacement of the product is subject to the availability of the correct / non-defective one in our store at the time you inform us about it. In case the replacement is not possible, we will refund all the money we received from you including any delivery costs (excluding additional costs due to your choice to use other ways of return / delivery from the cheaper way of return / delivery which we offer), subject to what is explicitly defined below.The refund will be made immediately, without undue delay and in any case no later than four days from the date the Company will receive the products returned in accordance with the above and subject to the provisions of the relevant article below. You expressly agree that the replacement of the products whose order was executed incorrectly, takes place if the product to be replaced is returned to our Company in the same good condition that you originally received it.Our Company does not replace products that have dirt, damage, injuries, other than the reported defect ortheir packaging is not in good condition or are not accompanied by all documents (receipt, return form and / or return receipt, distinctive product cards) that you received from us. In case of return of a defective product, the Company reserves the right to deny the replacement or refund, in case it does not have sufficient information to make it responsible for the defect in the product.

Refunds are made by crediting your bank account or your debit / credit card or pay pal account, depending on the payment method you chose. In any case, no fee will be charged for such refund.

Claims for compensation or pecuniary satisfaction of any nature and legal basis are excluded, as are claims of any nature for damage to health, life and physical integrity.

Limitation of Warranties - Liability

Our Company always acts in good faith and within the framework of what is provided by law and the Termsherein. Therefore, it has taken and continues to take all necessary technical or other measures and makes every effort to ensure (a) that the website and the online store operate smoothly and properly without problems, interruptions, delays, errors or mistakes, (b)that the data / information provided and transmitted through this website cannot be altered and at the same time are being protected by backing up, as the security systems of this website are subject to limitations,(c) that the technology used by itself or the servers through which our online store is made available to Users does not contain viruses or other harmful components or software programs; (d) that the products available are in good general condition, repaired and clean, suitable and safe for public health.However, the Company DOES NOT PROVIDE RELEVANT GUARANTEES for all the above and is not obliged to compensate you, in case you suffer any damage for the above reasons.In addition, our Company provides no guarantee (a) for the suitability, efficiency, adequacy of the Products of our website, regarding the purpose for which you intend it and (b) for the correct and proper execution of the transaction obligations of the other Users of the website and its services.

The Company is not responsible for any technical problems that may arise to users when they attempt to access the website and during it and are related to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure with the use of the website. Also, the Company has no responsibility for acts or omissions of third parties and especially unauthorized interventions of third parties in products and / or services and / or information available through it.

Apart from what is explicitly defined herein, the Company has no civil, criminal, or other liability to you and / or any third party drawing any rights from you, in the event that any of the above, when using the services and / or products of this Online Shop, suffered any damageof any sort, economical (direct, indirect, ancillary, profit loss etc.) or other kind, due to: (a) errors, omissions, technical glitches, malfunctions or misfunctions of the Telecommunication Networks, the Internet, the website, the Internet Service Providers, (b) permanent or temporary cessation of operation of the website or certain services and / or cessation of provision of certain products through the online store, (c) events, situations, actions, acts and / or omissions of the Company or third parties including other Users for which the Company does not provide guarantees and has no obligation in accordance with the provisions herein, (d) information and other content that may be published and communicated by third parties.

The Company a) maintains reservationon the time of the deliveryof the products in cases of force majeure, b) reserves the right at any time to temporarily or permanently suspend the operation of all or part of the Online Shop for reasons of maintenance or upgrade, or for any reason, c) provides no warranty for the availability of products, but guarantees the timely information of consumers about their unavailability.

The Company is not responsible in any case for your communication with the third party service providers that advertise or are advertised on our website and for any commercial transaction that may arise from your relationship. In addition, it is not responsible for any defective products of third parties which you receive as a gift.

The Website may contain links to other websites. The Company in no case should be considered as embracing or accepting the content or services of other websites that may be linked through links and expressly disclaims any responsibility for any content, privacy policy, content quality and third party services.

The Company does not control and does not carry out any prudential control of the content and information published and communicated by third parties and bears no responsibility for them.

The Company is only responsible for deception and gross negligence, in case of damage from information provided on our website or from services we provide through the website.

The Company reserves the right, at any time, unjustifiably and without compensation, to terminate or suspend the provision of its services and / or its operation, permanently or temporarily, without subject to any obligation to inform users in advance. The Company is only liable for direct damages, which arise due to its deception or gross negligence. Without prejudice to mandatory provisions, the Company's liability for direct damage due to minor negligence is explicitly excluded, regardless of legal reason. The Company's liability for indirect or consequential damages is completely and explicitly excluded - regardless of the reason.


You agree to indemnify our Company and any third party who draws rights from it (associates, employees, directors, suppliers, agents, representatives of both itself and its associates) for any damage, loss, expense incurred by (a) your violation of the Terms of Use of this Website and the Services provided therein (including purchasing from the Online Store), (b) your non-compliance with these General Terms, (c) your breach of the applicable law, (d) your violation of any rights in the protection of personal data of third parties, (e) your violation of the Company’s Intellectual Rights.

In any case, if you suffer any damage due to proven gross negligence of our Company (we exclude any liability arising from slight negligence), the Company will cover any positive loss of the User that is directly related to the damaging event and the gross negligence of the Company. All limitations of liability set forth herein apply in their entirety as valid and in accordance with good faith and business ethics, and Users agree to these exceptions and limitations.


These terms are governed by Greek law and are interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state of Greece. For any dispute arising from the contract of sale or on its occasion, locally competent Courts are defined and agreed those of the city of Patras.

These terms have been written in Greek and translated into English. For any difference that arises in the interpretation between Greek and English text, the Greek will prevail.


TO: The general partnership company with the name "PETRICHOR OE" and the trade name “PETRICHOR", which has its head office in Greece, in the city of Patras, 9,St. Andrew Street, (Tax Reg. Numb. 801650660/ A’ Patras Tax Office, number 160836916000 on the General Commercial Registry, tel. +30 210 220 8434, email [email protected]).

I hereby declare and announce that I withdraw from the contract of sale of the following goods ordered on the …………………………. / From your company and received by me on the ………………..



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